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[av_one_third first]We have a team of professionals dedicated to the search of land in the market, study and subsequent creation of feasibility project on it, allowing the interested party to have a more accurate picture of their final investment projected from the beginning, this way determine the amount of investment-gain that the project supports according to current market values.



Law 18.795

We have a recent Construction Promotion Law, approved in 2011, which grants important tax exemptions to developers and builders, based on the exemption of the following taxes:

 – Income Tax: 25%
– Property Tax: 1.5%
– Value Added Tax (VAT) on fixed assets: 22%

In economic terms, this option is significantly more profitable to traditional development, thanks to the tax saving that allows to transfer part of the price to the consumer, with a saving for the final buyer of almost 30% with respect to the market value of properties with similar characteristics.



Developments for sale in the market

– Benito Blanco 632/638, casi 21 de setiembre

– Berro 1369/73, casi Pagola

– Constituyente 1751, esq. Magallanes

– Constituyente 1765, esq. Magallanes

– Av. Agraciada 2780, esq. Dr. Garcia Morales

– 26 de marzo 1336, esq. Pagola

– 21 de setiembre 2781, casi Luis de la Torre